Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chiranjeevi Fans Worried About Nagarjuna

It appears to be the story of one good friendship going sour, thanks to the dirty field of politics. We are talking about the two top stars among the 'Big Four' megastar Chiranjeevi and Yuvasamrat Akkineni Nagarjuna. The story of their friendship goes deep and they have stood as perfect examples as buddies.

However, things have taken a drastic and shocking turn with Nag appearing in TV commercials all over promoting the Congress party and the worst affected seem to be Chiru fans who were expecting Nag to be on their side or was at least neutral. While it is not really sure what made Nag take that decision but then the impact of his move has been quite strong in the PRP camp and supporters.

All eyes are now on what is going to be the situation of MAA TV which has both Nag and Chiru holding some good stakes in the channel. Chiru fans are now apprehensive of Nag's next moves and are mustering their courage to take up any more surprises he springs up with. Wonder what Chiru has to say to all this.

YSR Blasted Chiranjeevi

"The pedda manishi who never stepped into his own village and never helped even a single person over there, is now saying stories that he would serve 8 crore Andhra Pradesh population. He acted as hero in films in past 30 years and earned crores of rupees. But didn't bother helping a single person in his own village", said YSR today in Guntur district today as a part of Rajeev Pallebaata.

"Chiranjeevi should explain what change he is going to bring in the state", added YSR. "Will he stop old age people's pensions, will he put an end to free electricity, will he put full stop to kilo Rs 2 rice, will he lift away house and welfare schemes those are meant for poor now? What change Chiranjeevi is going to bring?" asked YSR.

YSR also asked Chandrababu what welfare he did in his rule for poor people. He said that TDP leaders have eaten away the rice that was meant for poor people in Babu's rule.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chiru, How does a motor function?

Does megastar and Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi know how a motor of his water pump in his house works?

Well, he might not be aware of it, as he was too busy an actor all these days to know about such silly things, which would be taken care of by his servants. But, now that he has entered politics, he has started questioning the technical problems in the lift irrigation schemes in Warangal district.

That is what irritated Irrigation Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah. "A person who does not know how a motor in his house functions, is dare enough to point out irregularities in the irrigation projects. Chiranjeevi should first know the difference between irrigation and agriculture. Then, he can talk about the projects and their technical aspects. Please don't politicise a mighty scheme like Jalayagnam by making baseless allegations," Ponnala said. True, isn't it?

Is Chiranjeevi has Confidence or is he Fears

Megastar Chiranjeevi who is currently busy with the touring of the Telangana region as part of his 'Praja Ankita' yatra has been growing in confidence with each meeting of his and his voice has been increasing its decibels at a greater pitch with more and more crowds flocking to see him.

While this is the brighter side, there is also a dark side to the coin, insiders say. Apparently, Chiru is having his own fears as to how much of this population will actually be converted into votes when the real time comes for the elections. What is making things worse for him is the laid back attitude of Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.

While TDP is running from pillar to post with its 'Yuvagarjana' and Chiru is roasting in the sun with his 'Praja Ankita' yatra, YS has been ushering his endearing smiles and till date they have not taken any major step towards the forthcoming elections. Reports say that YS is double confident of Congress coming back to power and this news having reached the ears of Chiru has been giving him some sleepless nights.

Is this Self Sentiment ???

Chiranjeevi is at the centre of an unsavoury moment in Warangal tour. TRS activists attacked Chiru by throwing eggs at him. They sought a clear declaration on Telangana.

“I had already clarified my stand on Telangana, don’t do all these things,” asked Chiru.

Is there some big leader behind all these noise? TRS president welcomed the statement of Chiru but why the TRS activists are not happy with the statement?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why Chiranjeevi Pro to Telangana

With more and more parties opting for Telangana concept with the sole purpose of attaining power, it was more than obvious that even megastar Chiranjeevi would do the same thing while the truth is it really does not matter how it affects him or his party ideology that believes in service.

However, he has now given his green signal to welcome if the decision has been taken and during one of his public meets that he has been undertaking as part of his 'Praja Ankita' Yatra, Chiru, off the record said that why is it that only the farmers in Telangana need to become rich by selling barren lands to real estate ventures and software companies. He added it seems that something like that can also happen in the Andhra region so in a way he was indicating it was a good thing.

However, the wise men say that there are countless number of lands his brother Pawan Kalyan possesses around Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. And then there is also news that Chiru has got some countless acres of lands on proxy names. So whether Telangana is formed or not, they have a win-win situation so nothing really should affect them in person any way.

Is Chiru Childish??

Teugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu described the comments made by Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi on TD's changed stand on Telangana as "unwarranted and childish."
Chiranjeevi on Friday said, without referring to TD, that "one party is following the family planning slogan on Telangana. Earlier it said "ek bas, do nahin." Now, it is saying "hum do, hamare do."

Naidu said Chiru should not talk like a child, but should make a deep study of politics, before making such criticism. "Perhaps, he was parroting words, scripted by somebody else," he said. He explained that a political party should go by the demands from the people from time to time. As such, TD had changed the stand, after making a thorough study of the issue and analysing the demand in a scientific manner.